Home Improvement

Some would call it Handyman. Back in Czech we call it "Hodinový manžel", the rough translation means "Husband For An Hour". I like to call it Home Improvement because that's my goal. I love to leave customers happy by I providing quality work with great communication, and fair prices for all.

Did your rabbit chew through your drywall? (Ours did and her name is Hershey Kisses!) Well I can help you fix that! 😃

Here is a basic list of services that I provide (but aren’t limited to!)

      • Electrical (Outlets, Light Switches, Light Fixtures, Ring cameras, etc)

      • Drywall Repairs

      • Re-Screening Windows

      • Furniture Assembly

      • TV Mounting, Hanging Pictures, Mirrors, and Shelf's

      • Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Installations and Adjustments

      • Building Custom Shelf's, Storage Solutions, Pet Houses, Wedding Gate, etc

      • Changing Faucets, Bathroom Vanities, Toilets, Garbage Disposals

      • Minor Painting Projects

      • Building Deck/Pergola repairs and construction

Work example

What Is Your Next Project?

Please provide a description in my email (pictures welcome) and I will get in touch with you.